The Summer of 25

We all wait for Summer all Year! Sun and Fun, swimming and water sports! Kids are home, snacks are out and BBQs, Summer cocktails and spirits are high...but wait!!! I can't zip up my new cute white shorts! Yes, it happens fast. Remember y’all, 3500 calories added to your eating plan equals ONE POUND of added fat. What am I saying? 2 margaritas, a bowl of tortilla chips dipped in queso, fajita tacos, chili cheese fries, one dozen cervazes, a big gulp (cuz we are soo hot) finished with a couple of scoops of rocky road and YIKES, YOU HAVE JUST exceeded your caloric intake by 500-1000 calories easy. Do that for the summer and you can easily pack on some serious poundage. This is the best tim

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