Wellness Program


Provide a wellness program to enhance the health and fitness level of each employee.


Promote and motivate each employee to better their health through exercise and nutrition which will increase their

all over productivity and focus abilities.


Start with fitness assessments for all employees, followed by a personalized prescription for exercise for employee.

Project Outline

1.  Fitness Assessment - 30 minute evaluation of cardiovascular, muscular and flexibility strength.

2.  Nutritional Guidance -  Employees will be invited to join in on a 30 minute chat on nutrition, which will clear up all the confusion on

     what their bodies need for energy and well being.

3.  Body Mechanics - Instructions and guidance will be given by a Master Fitness Specialist concerning body mechanics in

     the workplace.  The employees will be instructed in how the body is suppose to move and how it is not suppose to move, resulting

     in less workplace injuries.

4.  Group and personalized fitness programs will be offered.


     Pamela Painter  Master Fitness Specialist, PT, CPT


  • Cooper Institute for Aerobic Research

  • Owner of Fitness to Go! USA for over 30 years

  • Author of Fitness to Go!  The Fitness Manual

  • Motivational Speaker for the  "Tour de Fitness"

  • Publication writer/blogger for Major Fitness Publications