We are fitness instructors that come to you.  Home, office, wherever!   We can meet at a regular location or change it up.  Some clients prefer to get a work out at home, the park, the Quarry, stadium...  We have clients that have sessions multiple times a week and others that opt for one time a week.  The best thing about it is that it is up to you and YOUR schedule. 


Our goal is to make it easy for you to get the healthy lifestyle you deserve.

 Fitness to Go!  instructors have worked with  everyone from celebrities and special needs people to children and seniors.


Costs are $85 per hour for Personal Training Services  No unexpected fees, memberships, etc.

 ***You can "share the hour" with up to one friend and split the cost.  We can keep your credit card securely and pay as you go or you can opt for a pre-paid package below.

We can invoice you or now pay with Venmo

Many of our clients opt for packages for three reasons:
  1. The cost saving
  2. One charge and you are done
  3. The extra push they need to commit to their health long term!
 ***Call for package rates
I've already paid for it, then I'm more likely to do it!" -Danielle K., client
Why not workout with your buddies?
One Instructor working with up to 6  your friends
Best part,  You split the COST between you all.  Very affordable and you still work with a Personal Trainer!
Our HIC-UP! (High Intensity Cardio-Up!) groups are forming now!
Host your house and invite your Friends!!!!
$30 PP $25 PP if you sign up for a package of 12 sessions

Try a POP-UP! session with any of our FTGO! Pros.  

Try out new classes, new instructors or just mix it up!

No obligation just prepay online and GO! 

Just bring a mat, water and your best game!

You can also host a POP-UP! session at your


$30 PP  for up to 6 buddies . 

All ages ALL fitness levels