Interested in becoming an Instructor?




Always dreamed of being a Fitness Instructor?  Are you already an instructor and want something different?


Fitness to Go! is expanding and we need people who are interested in joining our team. Fitness to Go!  will give you the knowledge and the tools to turn your passion into a career. In just a few weeks you could be making money, helping others realize their fitness and health all while staying fit yourself! No more sitting at a desk or staying at a job that doesn't motivate you or make you happy. What are you waiting for? Get in on a trillion dollar business and become part of the Fitness to Go! team today! Your dream is just waiting on you...


As a leading provider of fitness and health education, Fitness to Go! takes pride in offering the best instruction with hands on programs to prepare you for success. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our new Fitness to Go! Instructors each and every day. Pamela Painter, Master Fitness Specialist and owner of Fitness to Go! has been in the business for 30 years and has traveled the world helping people from all walks of life realize their health. Pamela wants to pass that knowledge and business sense on to you. She is passionate about changing the lives of people for the better across this country that has become so unhealthy and confused about fitness and health.

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Fitness to Go!® wants to help you realize your dream and work toward a rewarding and lucritive career.