*All of our instructors are drug tested, background checked and bonded for your protection

Fitness to Go! instructors are experienced in working with clients who range from beginners to advanced skills.  They also have been trained to work with clients that have cardiovascular, diabetic, COPD, alzheimer, MS concerns  as well as many other special health challenges.



I'm Pamela Painter.  I am a MASTER FITNESS SPECIALIST ,certified through the COOPER INSTITUTE FOR AEROBIC RESEARCH IN DALLAS TEXAS, (which is the top level in the industry),  WORKING with all kinds of people with different FITNESS levels and different needs is really where I have learned the most.

I feel I can really help people because I've been through so much myself in my 60 years of life. Cancer, Hormonal issues, eating disorders, depression, distorted body image, obsession with potato chips... have all been my ball and chains. All my life I had struggled with my weight until I came up with my weight loss programs. I am married to the same wonderful man for 42 years and have raised 3 children; my oldest is 43 with a master's degree in mechanical engineering at Texas A&M ( I'M AN AGGIE MOM!) who is married with 3 children, middle daughter 42 is an interior designer married, who is a mom of 2 ( I'm a Nana) youngest son 36 (not married yet), has a BA in marketing and works at Fitness to Go!... I couldn't be happier, but nothing really made me happy while I was overweight and unhealthy.  When I finally lost the weight my whole life changed and I felt like a new person with a new life...If I can do it so can you!                                                                                     

I'm Sam Painter!  Living back in San Antonio with my best friend Mindy (my boxer),  where I grew up is really great!  Coming from Austin where everything is progressive especially fitness I was able to learn some great fitness and health programs from all those peeps up in "the Silicon Hills".  Plus, I learned a thing or two about marketing while setting me up to make Fitness to Go! a household name where the best personal trainers live.

I am not only the marketing executive of Fitness to Go! but I am also a Facilitated Stretching Specialist.  This is a little like massage therapy but on steroids, once you do this program you will never go back to the status quota!

I really enjoy helping my clients realize their health, but it is also very rewarding to help our Fitness to Go! team go forward with their careers. There is no better feeling in the world than hearing my instructors or my clients tell me I helped them.    

I really believe in the philosophy that Fitness to Go! pledges and you will not find a better fitness pro or a better personal training certification than the Fitness to Go!  training family.  That is exactly what makes us successful... we are a family of Fitness pros, a dedicated army whose main objective is to help YOU realize your goals!  


MEET ROBERT ANTCZAK.Robert served in the United States Marine Corps for 20 Years holding the billets of Chief Martial Arts Instructor Trainer, Non-Lethal weapons Instructor and Lineal In-Fighting neural override engagement instructor.  As the Chief Martial Arts Instructor Robert led the training of 75 plus Marital Arts Instructor courses averaging 25 students per course.  Robert is a graduate of the curriculum developer course, instructor development course and formal schools management course.  Robert is Certified as an Emergency Medical Technician, achieved a Master Personal Training certification from the International Sports Science Association and is a certified stick and knife fighting instructor,certified in Arrest Control and Combatives.  Robert has instructed the US MARSHALS (Los Angeles Division) the Riverside County Sheriffs department and the San Antonio Police Department in both hand to hand and edged weapon courses.

Robert has a passion for passing on the Fitness and Nutrition knowledge he has studied and practiced for the last 20 years.  Roberts training method takes into account your current fitness level and future goals to create a balanced fitness plan that gets you there safely and as quickly as possible. Hey and he makes it fun! if you are ready to get serious with your training and you demand the best, schedule an appointment with Robert today!