How many crunches do you think you have to do to get a flat tummy? 100, 200,500? The answer is 0!

Abdominal muscles are important, no doubt, because they are part of your middle core muscles. These muscles help support your back and help you to have balanced body mechanically, but as far as zapping the belly fat…forget about it!

Here’s why. The abdominal area are comprised of a group of small muscles which exerts little energy when engaged or when you are doing sit ups or crunches. A better way to shrink that belly fat is by doing more cardiovascular exercises that incorporate your large muscle groups. For example, walking fast, jogging, (if your knees and back are strong enough), plyometrics, and working in some high intensity exercises will do the trick. In addition, give your eating plan a check up. Reduce your calories by 500 a day (do you really need that bologna sandwich) which adds up to 3500 calories or 1 pound a week and Viola’ that waist will start wasting away!

Fitness to Go! s high intensity class called HIC-UP! burns 800-1000 calories a workout (60 min) and its for all fitness levels. Come see us at our new location in South Town studio at 9am every Saturday morning to try it out. First class is free.

- See more at: http://fitnesstogosatx.com/uncategorized/ab-bologna/#sthash.jjlgjCae.dpuf

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