Arm Yourself with Natural Defenses against the FLU

The Flu bug is on the move, attacking every part of your body and is sure to ruin your week. Your best defense against the flu, along with washing your hands (remember you should recite the ABCs until Z while you are washing) is to get enough ZZZs and to eat healthy. Your immune system depends on you being vigilant in those areas. Plus, stress is an immune system buster, exercise will help relieve whatever stress is building up in your body. Stress alone can cause havoc in your body even if you are eating healthy. So move people! At the office get up every hour and stretch move your arms around, do some holding squats holding on to your desk, go up down the stairs a few time, etc. If you are at home the sky’s the limit on what you can do to get some activity. You get the picture.

Eat your vitamins!

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