January 13, 2016 is RED LIPSTICK DAY! it is a day honoring women everywhere and it is dedicated to my wonderful Mom (in law) who passed on January 13, 2015. She was 89 years young.

She was a strong woman who believed you could do anything a man could do. Miss Billie Sue was a huge inspiration to me and molded my thinking from the time I meet her at 13 to now in the year I will be 60. She raised her only son Frank by herself, working in an industry focused on men and their needs. She was a pioneer in her day tackling a career as a Special Weapons Specialist at Kelly AFB dominated by men (she was the only women working in that field) while making time to take her son fishing and to little league games. She was like "Rosie the Riveter" "Put on your make-up girls and lets go to work!"

As I look around today at my daughter, my daughter in law, and all their friends, while I reflect on my own life, the truth is WE ARE STRONG WOMEN! We take care of our families, our loved ones, and we work hard! No matter our backgrounds, the color of our skin, the level of education or our political preferences. We get the job done whether we are sick, tired or hungry we always put everyone ahead of our needs.

So, in honor of all women and all we do, this day is dedicated, in Billie Sue Painter's honor, to


Mom always wore RED LIPSTICK and tried to look her best everywhere she went.

WEAR THAT RED LIPSTICK GIRLS! and be proud of who you are, where you came from and where you are going!!!

post those beautiful RED LIPSTICK DAY! pics and YOUR stories of strength tomorrow!

Smiles, Pamela Painter

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