Watch Those Eating Out Calories

If you are watching your calories but still want to be able to go out to eat at your favorite resturaunts with your family, friends and co-workers, let me help you make good choices. What if your boss says Mexican food for lunch... are you are going, to scream at your boss "YOU are a weight loss wrecker!" No, you say bring it on! Boss and co-workers have a Margarita 4 oz (170 calories), you have a skinny one 6 oz made with fresh lime juice, stevia sweetener and (90 calories). They chow down on chips and salsa 500 calories a bowl while you order a guacamole salad on fresh greens topped with salsa...Yum! 100 calories. They order cheese enchiladas rice and beans, you order chicken fajitas with grilled veggies. If you want a "taco" shell to wrap your fajitas in, order romaine lettuce leaves... wrap it up! Point being...don't order from the menu, almost any good restaurant will let you order al la carte. You save calories and still have fun!

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