REMEMBER, WHEN DRINKING WATER OUT THE HOSE WAS SOOO GREAT! You could not get enough. As children we didn't really have a lot of choices for what we drank. Our good parents usually made sure we drank our milk, juice and water; but as we got older, the world opened up to a bunch of different choices. That is when our diets went off into the deep end! Sodas, gatorade, energy drinks, all kinds of flavored water and then we had ALCOHOL creeped into the mix. Good old fashion water slipped off the radar of our thirsty choices. Well, I am here to encourage you to go back to the days of drinking out of the hose, well maybe not the hose, but I do want to challenge you and your family to drink the good stuff, the H2O, the clear choice, you know... MORE WATER.

Get the small 8 oz bottles of water, you can down two of those at one time, no problem. I don't want to hear about cost...think how much money you spend on the other stuff! Once you start drinking more water, your body will crave, just water. Before you know it that other stuff will taste, well , not that great. In fact, you will be surprised at how bad it actually tastes and how it makes your body feel.

Go for he plunge, you might start drinking out of the hose again and when it's hot outside just turn the hose right on your head. Take that for exhilarating!

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