Hello my healthy minded friends. you know...all bread isn't what its sliced up to be, no josh intended. I want you all to start being label reading experts. What does that mean? Don't just look at the serving size, calories, fat content, etc., all which is important, but I want you to look at the ingredients list. You might be very surprised to know how much added junk, your body doesn't need, in the foods you think are healthy. Back to the bread. Always make your choice of loafs with fiber in mind. Many choices on the shelves claim to be all "Whole Wheat", or "5000 grains" but in reality many of them only have 2 grams of fiber in them. Why is fiber so important you might ask? When you are trying to stay on a healthy eating plan, which 99% of us are trying to do, IT KEEPS YOU FULL! I could explain all sorts of other reasons fiber is good for you, but I'm sure most of you already know it helps your constitution. You really need to choose a loaf that is 3 grams or more. If you start reading the labels you will quickly realize there are many many different choices under 3 grams...alot of which are the ones claiming how healthy they are. My favorite choice is HEB BAKE SHOP HEART HEALTHY HIGH FIBER LOAF. It has 7 GRAMS of fiber its low carb and YUMMY! Try it, your waist and your constitution will THANK YOU!

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