Oh Dear, it's the end of February...ALREADY? Are some of you still donning your winter coats of a little too much stored up "energy"? Well then...Let's turn up the heat y'all! 6 weeks from now, at least in Texas, we will be into a full swing of spring duds and spring break fun! So, I have a challenge for you. First, hire a experienced Personal Trainer (of course Fitness to Go! USA trainers are the best choice) because it is the best money you will ever spend to better your overall health. By now, you have tried the germy gyms and designer studios and I'm hoping you didn't catch the flu or something worse there. Maybe you have tried the Cross fit Bullies causing you to spend time in the emergency room or psychologist office trying to figure out why you aren't a wimp. 2 months into 2018 you are no where near your fitness goals and are very frustrated, maybe a little angry because you are TIRED AND HUNGRY! Believe me, I get it. Again, Hire a experienced Personal Trainer who will come to you...Home Office Anywhere and together make a plan for the next 6 weeks. That plan should start with a Fitness Assessment, nutritional guidance and a prescription for exercise all done by a Master Fitness Specialist. If no Assessment is offered DO NOT HIRE THIS PERSON. You will be able to do positive improvements to your body in 6 weeks and it will head you in the direction of your best self ever! There is no easy way to achieve is hard work with calorie deficit and energy output. Period, if anyone or any company tell you different...It is a Scam, don't waste your money! The results are worth it.

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