About us...

 "We need an army of fitness instructors to help change peoples lives for the better!"  -Pam Painter, owner


If you have a busy schedule...don't like racing to a crowded gym, but want a great workout...then we are perfect for you. 

If you are ready to be 'your best YOU', then give us a try!


As a leading provider of fitness and health education, Fitness to Go! takes pride in offering the best instruction with hands on programs to prepare you for success.



Pamela Painter, Master Fitness Specialist and creator of Fitness to Go! has been in the business for 35years.  She has created a niche of in-home mobile personal training - even traveling the world helping people from all walks of life realize their health. Pamela works with the Rich and Famous as well as people from all walks of life, "Everyone needs to make their Health and Fitness a priority in their lives no matter who they are!"

Pamela, along with her staff, want to empower their clients at scale and remove the common barriers that prevent busy people from reaching their fitness goals.

Pamela is also passionate about changing the lives of people that have become confused about fitness and health.